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To search for a property listed in a Local Historic District, enter the street number, street name and town or city below. Type the full street address and not the street suffix abbreviation (e.g. enter 'Please Street' instead of 'Pleasant St'). Addresses of two-family structures in some cities should usually be entered as '95-97 Austin Street' but some are in the database as '95-7' Austin Street so you should try both formats.

Note: The search engine does not include the property addresses of the following LHDs- Old Wethersfield Historic District (Wethersfield), Borough of Litchfield Historic District (Litchfield), Ridgefield Historic District (Ridgefield),Norfolk Historic District (Norfolk) and Roxbury Historic District (Roxbury) for which only the structures in the 2005 extension are listed. Please contact the respective Historic District Commissions for complete list of the designated properties in these districts.